Online Marketing valuable for Gogiro Customers!

SEOs, Meta Tags, Key words, blah blah blah…. but wait!
There is validity to this tech talk, and Gogiro Calgary is honest about where to best spend your marketing dollars!

Gogiro Calgary is excited for our loyal customers, whose Gogiro built websites are being found very high within the pages of various search engines. The combination of their business acumen and great service offerings, along with Gogiro Calgary’s online marketing products such as Calgary SEO Marketing and our use of Gogiro’s Traffic Builders has many of them found in the top pages!

A few of our customer’s current Google Rankings (Feb 2013)

- www.golawnandsnow.com – The Gogiro Combo of our SEO and Traffic Builder has them on the first page of people looking for Calgary Snow Removal! They are also found on page 3 for Calgary lawn care which is an ultra competitive market.
- Looking for Carpet in Calgary? Glorious Carpets, a family operated flooring company, makes efficient use out of their marketing budget. They are found on Google’s First Page!!!
- How about looking for Calgary Stucco Repairs? This dedicated company is also found on the top page in the Google! Check out ATO Plastering for all your stucco needs!

Gearing Up for a Great Spring!

Spring is a great time to refocus business philosophies. We would all like to network a little more to increase our product offerings exposure to the world. Talking to customers, and potential customers, is still key to many business transactions. What’s changed is the way we are all introduced to one another, either as business partners or as customers. We search the internet for a specific product! We Google a place to eat! No longer are we picking up the phone book to hire a plumber!

Gogiro Calgary offers you local service at affordable prices. We may not know all the answers but we are committed to ensuring your needs are met. We leave the tech stuff to the experts! Our expertise is building a trustworthy relationship, that helps your business succeed!