Top of the List

As many things often start from a single idea that revolutionises an entire process of thought. What I am about to say is no exception. Everyone wants to be at the top of the list. Think for a moment about what that means to your position in your community, the web, and social media. In most cases it means that you paid a handsome fee to be at the top of that list. Everyone in your community now sees your business name first when they search for XYZ services. Great! Now what? What did all that first of the list get for you? Is your phone ringing? Are you selling or servicing more?


My point is this- be front of mind, and the top of thought. Stop worrying about the top of the list. Seriously, the entire spectrum of SEO has already changed. Those of you that aren’t in this industry this is a heads up; search has gone local. It is so local that you can walk by a flower shop on February 12th and a message can appear on your phone that hints to you that Betty’s Pretty Flowers has a special on roses, and you happen to be one hundred feet away. Yes its that local! If you are interested in seeing this happen for your business, see below, I can get you involved in this technology at a reasonable price.


A good social media program can put your business at the front of mind, ahead of the rest. This is technology working for you whether you are building your brand or already established. What more powerful testament to your professionalism could there be than one from your customer? None. If you need assistance give me a call or email.


MidMo Gogiro


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