Priority Two is a faith based nonprofit in Pittsburgh PA that operates as an independent ministry of NorthWay Christian Community Church. We needed to revamp the organization as attendance had fallen off. Our old website was nothing more than a sign in the desert with broken links. It  showed up on about page 25 of a standard Google search. In short fashion GoGiro and George were able to quickly develop a custom site with look, feel and content to our specifications. The tools provided for us to modify content are very easy to use and allowed us to make changes on short notice without pain or the need to establish a webmaster, or system administrator to take care of it. The low development fee and low ongoing hosting services are great and will also allow us to take advantage of key marketing leverages, like search engine optimization. We are very excited about the new site and are building our Priority Two Renaissance effort around it! I would buy a website from George again in a flash.

Edward Smith, Priority Two