Gogiro marketplace segmentation


Despite high growth, competition in the Web Design and Website Hosting market(s) is fiercely competitive.  There are thousands of providers offering a range of services and solutions.  However, many services are either over priced, over complicated or provide too little service.

The Web Design marketplace competition is currently heavily weighted in two primary sectors: High Price, High Service and Low Price, Low Service.

High Price


‘Web / Design Companies’

High priced Sophisticated
Marketing Firms
High Priced

High Service



‘Affiliate Companies’

Low Service

Firms or individuals that focus on other Products lines & Web business is secondary
Mid Priced
(Potential Gogiro Affiliates; Hosting, Printers, Designers)


 ‘Freelancers, Students’

Incomplete solution
Hit-and-miss results
Can be hard to find

Low Price

‘Auto Websites’

Low price web hosting companies

With ‘Do It Yourself’ Programs to design site

Low Priced



High Priced, High Service Providers – Marketing and media firms have recognized the importance of websites in advertising and branding campaigns and have added sophisticated web development options to their product mix.  These are professional organizations or individuals who utilize Copy Writers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Multi-level Sales & Creative Teams and more. Their finished sites are usually some of ‘the best on the web’ but are high priced solutions.

Low Service, Low Price Providers – These are basic hosting companies with ‘Do It Yourself’ programs that allow customers to build their own websites, including large providers such as Yahoo and GoDaddy.  This market sector has driven hosting prices down to as low as $2.00 per month in some cases.  This represents a competitive threat to Gogiro for business customers who are willing to learn software programs and to take on ‘Do It Yourself’ solutions.  To mitigate this threat, Gogiro has future plans to address this segment of the market through offering a line of FREE Do-it-Yourself introductory products.

There are 2 remaining areas of the market that are under serviced:

High Price, Low Service Providers - This sector of the market tends to be serviced by 3rd party organizations whose core product line does not include Web Development, but can be sold along side a web site solution.  Usually, the customer trusts and utilizes these firms for other products and ‘adds a website’ on to a purchase.  It is likely that this customer does not shop the market for alternate website solutions. With the increased marketing and awareness of Low Cost solutions this sector of the market is bound to suffer.

The Low Priced, High Service Providers - Local student web designers, and part-time freelancers generally float in this segment until they either build a portfolio, or find a job. They will provide excellent sevice, with cheap, questionable results.  Usually they will not have the support tools or qualifications to provide a stable, comprehensive solution.  This is a massive niche that Gogiro sees as untapped and is where the brand is positioning.  Gogiro will take advantage of this under serviced market by offering clients personalized service via Regional Gogiro Offices and Affiliates.

Gogiro provides the best of both worlds; affordable service with personalized, local support and the backing and product lines of the big guys.  We fill a niche in a huge market where there seems to be no leader, or working solution.  The eBusiness for small business is a billion dollar industry with double-digit growth rates consumed by a mixing pot of micro to mid-sized companies.

High Price


High Service








Low Price








Gogiro’s Small Business Solution


Technology alone is not the answer – Gogiro integrates local people to service and support a comprehensive, affordable eBusiness solution

Small business owners and operators want an easy-to-understand, affordable, and result-focused solution to conveniently Establish, Access, and Manage their online presence. They need someone local to call on that can understand their business, and provide them with the tools and affordability to help their business succeed online.  They want to call ‘Joe, their web guy’, not a call center.

Gogiro integrates PEOPLE into a streamlined, eBusiness solution.  The Gogiro brand represent a powerful network composed of local, real-world office support synced into a virtual eBusiness technology platform.

Gogiro Regional Offices are opening up across the nation to reach into community pockets, and provide local eBusiness service and support.  The entire organization is backed by a commercial grade technical infrastructure that includes Cloud system architecture, virtual eBusiness management, and convenient access through ipod, Android, and other mobile devices.
Small business owners want; affordability, local service / support, results

Consumer Choices Pros Cons
Auto Websites
(Godaddy, Intuit, Yahoo,
Network Solutions)

Fast TurnaroundNot local service (call center)

Do-it-yourself (customized for added cost)
Can be too technicalWeb/Design CompanyFully customized
Local service / support
Results orientedExpensive
Slow turnaroundStudents / FreelancerAffordable
Local service / support
CustomizedNot reliable
Not results oriented
Not comprehensive    Affordable
Local service / support
Fast turnaroundNew and unheard of brand
Limited availability of service




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