Brief History of Gogiro

Gogiro was formed in 2008 in Vancouver, BC by Mike Dahlstedt with the cooperation of a local venture company. Mike worked with the venture group as a drop in executive / specialist for their portfolio company’s and created an agreement to co-launch Gogiro through the acquisition of a small local web company, Netdynamics (sole-proprietorship) and the IT ‘work’ that came with it. This company was relatively unheard of, but was on the right track of developing subscription based products for small business, and structuring an expansion model.

2008 – Gogiro launched the concept in late summer of 2008 after re-working the strategy and model, and immediately attracted interest from a businessman in Chicago, who invested in the licensed rights to represent the brand in Arizona. Upon the economy recession in late 2008, the venture group had made their position available for purchase, and sold all shares to Peter Schecker as of early 2009.

2009 – The majority of 2009 was spent on test marketing, gaining feedback, and re-developing the product lines to suit local business.

2010 – Before 2010 hit, product lines and marketing systems were refined and Gogiro was ready to start building out an infrastructure capable of seizing the opportunity present in the market. By mid year, Gogiro had 5 Regional Offices licensed to offer Gogiro products, and officially launched sales. By the end of the year, Gogiro has just confirmed the establishment of the 10th Regional Office, and has released the infamous Online Ordering System.

2011 – Neil Chan joined Gogiro as CEO in January of 2011.

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