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Technical Diagram of how Customers are setup with Gogiro Products.

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Everyone needs to register a domain name if they want a website.  A domain name basically points to the server where the website is located on the internet, in this case Gogiro’s cloud server network.  There are a few options to consider here, and you should confirm with your client prior to any website work which option they fall under:

1) Customer has an existing domain name registered. This is fine, they would only need to login and point their ‘DNS Settings’ to Gogiro servers when ready:
Primary Nameserver:
Secondary Nameserver:

2) If they have a domain name, but do not have access to it, this can be trouble.  Many people think they own their domain, when it is in fact registered to another individual who set it up for them. To double check, we can do a WHOIS search: – in the domain name search box, select the ‘WHOIS’ and then type in the customers domain name.  A report will come up showing who owns the domain, their contact info, and where the domain was registered.

3) If the customer doesn’t have a domain name, you can register one on their behalf through your ENOM account.



Gogiro can provide products and services to customers who already have an existing website, or who need a new one. Some Gogiro products, such as SEO, can only be performed if the website is hosted on the Gogiro platform.

1) Customer has an existing website on third party hosting server
- Customer can leave his website as is, BUT can only order our Traffic Builder or Submit Engine product
- Customer can transfer his website to Gogiro’s Platform, and order any Gogiro online marketing product

2) Customer is on the Gogiro platform
- Website will be on the Gogiro platform, and customer can order any Gogiro online marketing product

NOTE: The reason Gogiro does not provide some services to a third-party hosted website is because the entire product can’t be delivered properly, and so the customer ends up getting only half the value, which doesn’t look good for Gogiro or the customer.


Website Presence:

Gogiro offers 2 levels of websites; Basic and Pro. We also offer Content development services, and Online Marketing products. All Gogiro websites and marketing products are pay-as-you-go services, meaning they are essentially leased by the customer and cannot be transferred away. Customers can cancel their subscriptions anytime.

1) Content Services
- Available to generate 3 or 5 page’s of content

2) Websites
- Basic or Pro websites, based on the WordPress platform.

3) Online Marketing
- Traffic Builder lead generation draws in new visitors using paid advertising, seo, and landing pages hosted on unique domain names.
- SEO provides optimization and submission of the customers main website
- Submit Engine provides a back linking service for third-party hosted websites, or as a refresher

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