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Corporate Team

[h3]Gogiro Corporate Team[/h3]

Neil G. Chan

Neil has been with Gogiro since 2011, and is the guy who makes sure we are delivering to our vision on target.

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Mike Dahlstedt
COO & President

Mike founded Gogiro in 2008, and works day-to-day making sure all areas of the business are the best can be.

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Richard Freeman

Richard is focused on maintaining daily operations, finances, and human resources.

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Ken Johnston
VP Business Development

Ken has been with Gogiro since 2010, and works developing new regional owners, supporting existing owners and operates the Gogiro Okanagan Regional Office.

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Raghbir Badhan
Director of IT

Raghbir joined Gogiro in 2012, and works to oversee our IT, programming and server side architecture.


Web Production Specialist

Kristina has been with Gogiro since 2010, and works to produce website and online marketing orders.


Jin Joo Baek
Web Production Specialist

Jin has been with Gogiro since 2011, and works to produce website and online marketing orders.


[h3]Gogiro Board of Directors[/h3]

Neil Chan, Chairman of the Board
Neil has pioneered the introduction of wireless data and broadband technologies in more than 45 countries around the world. From start-up to $400M in annual revenues, Neil has consistently created and led the best in class sales, service and marketing organizations over the last 30 years. His experience includes the early development of data communication systems with Gandalf Technologies, the pioneering of wireless data and broadband cable modems with Motorola Inc., and the early stage development of broadband wireless data infrastructure with Airvana Inc., which today carries a significant portion of the mobile data traffic in North America and Latin America. Most recently Neil served as a senior officer responsible for sales and marketing for WebTech Wireless Inc., from which an excess of $100M of new business was created across local, state, and federal governments, transportation, service, and insurance markets, thus creating an industry leader for software-for-service for commercial fleets worldwide.

Mike Dahlstedt, Director
Founder of Gogiro, he brings vision, leadership, and the innovate mechanisms required to take start-up ideas to an international stage. Previously to Gogiro, Mike established credibility with a group of venture capitalists as an Executive for their portfolio companies. Mike’s focus was on designing scaleable business models, helping to establish over 150 channel partners / franchises, and implementing the systems required to support scaled operations – resulting in generating revenues of over $60 Million during a 2 year span. Mike’s business and marketing acumen was refined through an early entrepreneurial period as founder and President of Synergy Visuals, a small business marketing agency, which ended through an acquisition by a larger firm.

Peter Schecker, Director
Mr. Schecker graduated in 1976 from University Mannheim, Germany as a Diplom-Volkswirt (Masters Degree in Economics with Law as an elective). In Canada since 1977, he got his start as an entrepreneur in construction and development, building warehouses, strip malls and eventually specializing into long term lease buildings for the Province of British Columbia. As a distributor for Thomas International between 1991 and 2005 Mr. Schecker was trained and certified as a Psychometric Analyst on the Thomas DISC System. His successful career as an owner or major shareholder has spanned several decades and industries from construction to real estate, human resources development, trucking and courier and the internet field.