Best Practises

1) Marketing Product Line: What each product is and isn’t

SEO Line
IS: A must have online marketing baseline for every website consisting of 4 key areas: the research of relevant search phrases (by region), things we do to the website (optimization), things we do to the server itself (config’s, authentications), and things we do on the internet (submissions).
ISN’T: A guaranteed top spot. This product also takes time to fully work it’s magic, minor results will start in a couple weeks, but will really take 3+ months for full effect to take place.
- Website must be either built by Gogiro, or transferred to our platform. We do not do this for third-party hosted sites.
- Really positioned and built for the small business segment; larger complex websites or highly competitive online businesses must take a much deeper, more comprehensive approach.
- Clients are setup with a Google+ Page (which is new Map listing), where they can post relevant info and keep updated. Google looks as the more activity on this profile, the better.

Submit Engine Product
IS: This helps create backlinks to the site, and is a great way to supplement existing online marketing activity with fresh content posted around the internet, relevant to the clients business.
ISN’T: A replacement for SEO products. If the client has no alternative to transfer their site in, this will at least help with any existing site optimization efforts the client has done previously.
- 3 phrases targeted in each Submit Engine campaign; can be search terms, products, news events, other…
- Clients can run these repeatedly, with new content posted online each time.

Traffic Builder Product
IS: An alternative to our SEO product, and a great way for clients to generate traffic from targeting many search phrases across different locations. We essentially build mini websites that are optimized to come up high for a targeted search phrase, in a targeted area. This takes time, so we use paid advertising to complement and provide a baseline dose of visitors.
ISN’T: SEM or pay-per-click Google Ad campaigns.
- Traffic Builder performance is largely based on SEO, so many times they may not work and as such should be treated as a campaign rather than individual products.
- Rather than running 1 Pro traffic builder, start with 3 basic’s and measure the results. Make a decision to enhance one to Pro after 3 months of monitoring.
- Traffic Builder’s treated as a campaign will work in many ways for a client; they can benefit from having multiple paid ads and multiple organic spots pop-up in the same search result.
- Whereas SEO can work effectively for a few search phrases, Traffic Builders can provide exposure to unlimited amounts.

2) Best Practises on Traffic Builder
This is a collection of best practises around the Traffic Builder product line which is derived from the common features of several highly successful campaigns, and the missing features of some dud’s.

a) Treat as a campaign, rather than individual products
Due to the nature of how traffic builders target seo results, there is a hit-and-miss quality we are noticing – although the hits are much more than misses. Here’s a recommended approach:
- Start by identifying a monthly budget with your customer
- Structure the proposal to targeting 4, 6, 8… Basic Traffic Builders to start (not business or pro’s)
- Monitor the first 3 months results
- At 3 month point, let’s optimize the campaign (within the same budget). We can drop non-performers, and increase budgets on good ones, or try some new phrases with Basic campaigns
- Do same thing at 6 month, 9 months, etc…

b) Do your research
If the research isn’t helping, be more broad – but do not select a term that isn’t searched at all. If you are selecting a broad term, target the area and try to provide a descriptive Ad. I’ve tried some software called Market Samurai ( that helps with research, but basically does exact same stuff Google Keywords Tool does in a different interface. If you download Market Samurai (it’s free), they will spam you with offers, but don’t upgrade because you don’t need the extra features.

c) Traffic Builder Landing Page
We will continue to base the page from the clients home page, but with altered content and text. IF you would like to alter the content to be more phrase specific, please send prior to us doing the optimization work. We can remove top level navigation links on the traffic builder page in order to limit where visitors are funnelled to (see next point).

d) Referral URL
Please consider specifying a particular page within the client’s site to funnel traffic to that would help convert traffic, or provide a reason to call / act (maybe a special promo).

3) Introduction of New Features for Traffic Builder

a) 50% discounted SETUP price on Campaigns
When ordering multiple traffic builders at the same time, for the same client, it is easier to provision and more effective. To help encourage ordering on a campaign basis, as of today Gogiro will discount the setup fee’s 50% on any multiple orders at same time for same client.

b) 1 Target Phrase + 2 Variations
Select a Target Phrase (as usual) and include a couple variations of that phrase. You can still run campaigns on those variations, and are encouraged too – DO NOT REPLACE a campaign with a variation of the phrase, as this will not double results, it will only incrementally help. We are gaining better traction to the paid component of the campaigns when introducing a couple variations. Make sure the variations include same/similar words and are being searched for.

GOOD Example Campaigns:
Campaign Target Phrase Area Variation 1 Variation 2
NY Concrete Repairs NY New York Concrete Repair How to repair concrete
New York Foundation Repair NY NY Foundation Repair Foundation Repair
Okanagan Golf Courses Okanagan Kelowna Golf Courses best golf courses Okanagan
Kelowna Golfing Okanagan Golfing in Kelowna Okanagan Golfing

BAD Examples:
Campaign Target Phrase Area Variation 1 Variation 2
NY Concrete Repairs NY NY Stucco NY Chimney Repair
New York Foundation Repair NY New York Concrete Repair New York Drainage
Okanagan Golf Courses Okanagan Okanagan Activities Calloway Clubs Okanagan
Kelowna Printers Okanagan Business Cards Kelowna Promo Suppliers

c) PRO Traffic Builder – 1 Phrase + 2 Variations
Whereas we were before targeting 2 phrases on the Pro, we are essentially expanding that with the above ‘Variations’, so will now e 1 target phrase + 2 variations.

Traffic Builder

 Traffic Builder

Traffic Builder Basic, Traffic Builder Professional, Traffic Builder Maximum

Generate online leads with Gogiro – we make it easy for paying customers to find your business on the web. Our SEO Traffic Builder positions you in front of targeted, qualified customers and drives them to your website. Work with your local Gogiro office to customize your exposure level – we guarantee our clients get results!


[list style="unordered" type="type10"] Professional research and consultation Organic SEO traffic combined with paid advertising Optimized, branded landing page setup for each campaign Authenticated with Google / Yahoo / MSN, submitted to 25+ search engines / directories Online access to marketing stats Multiply results with several campaigns No contracts, pay-as-you-go [/list]



  Basic Professional Maximum
  Setup Monthly Setup Monthly Setup Monthly
RETAIL $100 $50 $100 $95 $100 $150
Gogiro Charge -$50 -$30 -$50 -$60 -$50 -$90
NET $50 $20 $50 $35 $50 $60
-$25   -$25   -$25  
NET $25 $20 $25 $35 $25 $60



***We are not selling 1st page Google, or making any promises of this sort by offering Traffic Builder products.  This product is strictly a lead generation tool, it drives traffic to a website and provides stats on how much traffic it delivers.  How much traffic depends on:
1) targeted search phrases
(Regional owners control)
2) campaign budget (basic, pro, max), and
(Gogiro Corporate control)
3) Customers offering, ex. Promos, product value, etc.
(Clients control) ***

[list style="unordered" type="type10"] Traffic Builder design will be based on client’s main website, we can modify slightly to cater to client needs if requested.  No more than 1 hour modifications included. Traffic Builder orders will be completed within 1 week from receiving complete order from Regional office Traffic is created from a combination of paid advertising, online seo positioning, directory listings and other.  Gogiro does not disclose how much budget is allocated to each, features change with the web. Leads increase gradually over time as natural SEO positioning strengthens Gogiro can perform service on a Gogiro website, or a third party hosted / built website. Subscription billing starts when the order first is in ‘Awaiting Approval’ stage, or 2 weeks after the order is received by Gogiro Corporate in case of incomplete materials submitted, whichever is sooner.  Setup fees are billed as soon as the order is received by Gogiro Corporate. Traffic Builder Landing Websites must have an indiscrete Gogiro Footer link at the bottom. [/list]


Research Top Queries – Regional Office will research which applicable search terms to target based on volume and competitiveness data.  The more niche the targeted terms, the better the results.  Only target 1 search phrase.
Optimize Page Content – Content is modified to help position pages to come up higher for targeted search phrases.
Meta Tags, Sitemap – Metatags will be on all main pages (up to 5), Sitemap created and uploaded,
Authentication – We manually authenticate and submit websites with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Lead Generation Statistics – Access to view lead generation stats for the website, and identify which campaigns are drawing more qualified visitors than others.

Landing Pages – each campaign has a separate SEO optimized landing page (with same look and feel as website), under a uniquely registered domain name, and includes paid advertising spots.

Multiple Campaigns – set up multiple landing pages with targeted search phrase that will funnel towards the main website.


1) Ensure clients understands product (see IMPORTANT NOTES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS above)

2) Understand client’s business and market area and then perform research of
             a) High searched terms relative to the business

- enter a list of potential targeted search terms.  Select based on comparisons between local monthly searches vs. competition.

             b) Competitive levels of high profile search terms

- Take narrowed down list from above, actually perform the search in various Search Engines and use your discretion to identify which ones return more relevant results (higher competition).

3) Determine best search term to target.

4) Gather all required information from client and submit.



1) Basic Customer Info
2) Website address to direct leads to
3) Primary search phrase targeted
4) Specific Traffic Builder package
5) Specific geographic service area to target
5) Ad heading and content




Traffic Builder Information

Traffic Builder is SEM [Search Engine Marketing]. The Campaigns strengthen and leads increase over time. Your customer is able to obtain more measurable results compared to an SEO. This is similar to putting out an online flyer.



What is Traffic Builder?

A combination of organic SEO traffic and paid advertising.


What does Traffic Builder do?

Drives Internet Traffic to their site. Generates Online Leads for the customer. Provides stats for how much traffic their website receives.


How does it work?

Three Components make it work:

1. Customer product/services.

2. Research that we do.

3. What the corporate office does to drive the traffic- Landing Pages.


What is a Landing Page?

Each campaign has a separate SEO optimized landing page [looks like your customer’s website website]. Has a uniquely registered domain name, and includes paid advertising spots. They funnel the traffic to your customer’s website.


What is a campaign?

Each search word/phrase we go after is a campaign and will get it’s own landing page.


What is the difference between the Basic, Professional and the Maximum?

They all have Optimized pages, metatags, site map, robot tags, directory listings, pages manually authenticated with Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN.

Pay Per Click Advertising is the Difference.


Which Traffic Builder should you suggest to your customer?

Depends on their budget, and how competitive their industry is.

1. Google Adversting

2. Yahoo/Bing and MSN advertising

[columns indent="25" bottom="25"] [column] [h4]Basic:[/h4] Google Ads: Setup a campaign designed to generate from 20 – 60 new visitors per month on a typical campaign (depends on the volume / competition metrics of the targeted search phrase).

Yahoo/Bing and MSN: 0 [/column] [column] [h4]Professional:[/h4] Google Ads : We double the campaign exposure / budget.  This will either increase results of a typical campaign, or is required to meet basic performance for more competitively targeted campaigns.

Yahoo/Bing & MSN : 0 [/column] [column] [h4]Maximum:[/h4] Google Ads: Doubled exposure / budget (as above)

Yahoo/Bing and MSN ads:  Increased reach by additional advertising in Yahoo and Bing search engines.   [/column] [/columns]



  • Your customer can log in and see their Lead Statistics. How many people are viewing their site? More importantly are the benefits; we aim to have their phone ringing!
  • We can change their campaigns; stay with what works; change what doesn’t work. 100 set up for each campaign. If they change their campaign is it another 100? Yes, set up for the research is 100 for each campaign.


What kind of results can your customer expect?

Better results than money spent on a conventional flyer.


Depends on:

1. Targeted Search Phrases: and how they are maintained

2. Campaign Budget: Basic, Max, Pro.  How competitive their industry is requires a larger budget.

3. Customers Own Website: also depends on what kind of Promos, Specials, product value your customer has on their own site.  Suggest Call to Action specials/promos on their own site.



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