Gogiro Pro Website


Gogiro Websites are built specifically to interact with the Gogiro Web Apps Platform.


Website Basic

This is for a Gogiro website based on a selected template, where the website does not include customizations to the design elements of the template or content design. The website is integrated into the Gogiro Web Apps Platform.

[list style="unordered" type="type10"] 3-pages Access to site editor to edit web page content Setup of logo, page links only Content or design modifications available at hourly billing rate 10 emails Google Apps Cloud hosting [/list]

Website Pro

This is for a Gogiro website based on a selected template, where the website includes customizations to the design elements of the template, extra pages, and integration into the Gogiro Web Apps Platform.

[list style="unordered" type="type10"] Up to 10-pages Customized template design modifications Access to site editor to edit web page content 10 emails Google Apps Cloud hosting [/list]



Following is a better defined policy to what is included, what is extra, and what is not provided for by Gogiro through its website offering.



What is included with the Pro Package:

[list style="unordered" type="type10"] Integration of the website with the Gogiro Web App’s platform. Client must select which pages of their website will display the Apps Sidebar - the sidebar must follow same format on all included pages. If they choose to have the apps sidebar added later, hourly fees may apply Change menu links to match pages 2 sets of template design revisions if available in selected template (extra sets of revisions billed hourly). Each set of Revisions may include one or more of the following; - Change main template fonts - Change main template color scheme - Change background style - Change placement of headers, links, or other elements - Adding non-content based design elements (supplied) to the template Add content to website during initial order 2 sets of revisions to content layout only for website (extra sets of revisions billed hourly). Each set of Revisions may include one or more of the following; - Changing text or text headings from provided wording - Adding or removing text columns - supplied video feeds, photos, paypal buttons, etc.. - Creating a table within the content - Changing size, color, or font of specified text - Creating hyperlinks and in-page links from text Change template photos to supplied photos Page Options include: - Basic Page: A standard, editable page - Blog Type: A 'post' of various pages, this can be setup in a way where customers can easily add product pages, etc.. (individual blog posts - Gallery: Customers can upload photos - Portfolio Page: A standard page similar to a gallery, except each image will link to a page of it’s own. Web Apps available include: - Event Calendar: Synced from their Google Apps account - Social Links: To their social media pages - Social Follow: So people can follow or refer their pages / posts - Video Gallery: Customers can manage a video gallery, similar to photo gallery - Testimonials: A client testimonial manager - Calculators: Loan, mortgage, conversion calculators 2 weeks leeway or date ‘active’ (whichever sooner) until monthly platform fee starts [/list]



What is charged extra:

[list style="unordered" type="type10"] Extra sets of revisions (billed at an hourly rate, half hour min.) Template customizing or content of any kind for the Basic Package (billed hourly, half hour min.) Changing a template after initial order placed ($50 extra) Any content supplied after original content is entered and uploaded is treated as a ‘revision’ [/list]


What Gogiro does not do: (offices can do or offer through local associates)

[list style="unordered" type="type10"] Build websites for any third party hosting, or support the transfer of any Gogiro built websites Enter individual gallery photos (except the first few) Any updating, modifications or revisions of any kind after the website is ‘active’ unless entered as a separate ‘custom’ order Copywriting Custom photos Copy / pasting content from existing website Custom designing templates Custom programming, scripts or flash components [/list]


Ordering Requirements:

[list style="unordered" type="type10"] Content file to be word format only, no pdf, faxes or other Images to be either .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp formats, not imbedded into word, publisher, excel or other type of documents. Gogiro will only build websites to be hosted on the Gogiro Web App’s Platform. Websites will not be built to be hosted on other platforms, or for regular Gogiro Hosting (old Product). [/list]



[list style="unordered" type="type10"] Website orders will be completed within 1 week from receiving complete order from Regional office with all corresponding materials, may take longer if extra is requested or required to build the site Website remains property of Gogiro Corporate at all times, should a subscription cancel, the website files will not be transferred, and maybe destroyed at the discretion of Gogiro Corporate. Gogiro will enter all content if content is supplied upon initial order. Modifications or updates to the content can be made by either Regional office or client through editing software, or Gogiro if requested by regional office. If content is not supplied during intial order, additional hourly fees may apply to add content in the future. Client / Regional office is responsible for providing website content, and will hold Gogiro Corporate harmless of any liabilities arising from such content. Subscription billing starts when the order first is in ‘Awaiting Approval’ stage, or 2 weeks after the order is received by Gogiro Corporate in case of incomplete materials submitted, whichever is sooner. Setup fees are billed as soon as the order is received by Gogiro Corporate. Websites must have an indiscrete Gogiro Footer link at the bottom. Gogiro will not register domain names for websites, either client can supply or Regional office is equipped to register on clients behalf. [/list]


Website Editor – Easy to use site editor, login anytime to change text or make simple site updates.

Subscription Billing – Website uses a lease concept, $25 /month plus initial $250 template setup fee. Refresh your business look / change the design of the website anytime to a new template for additional setup fee.

Templates – Quality, templates available for each business category. Templates can be modified to suit the clients business; basic colour scheme, layout, photos, etc..

Personal Service – Clients work directly with either a Gogiro Affiliate, or a Local Office. Clients have someone close they can call on for help, someone they eventually get to know and trust.

Email / Webmail – Access to setup / manage emails, and choice to use webmail or download to Outlook.

Traffic Statistics – Access to view marketing stats for the website

Hosting – All hosting fees included.


1) Ensure clients website meets requirements (see IMPORTANT NOTES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS above)

2) Gather website information
a) Template ID
b) Template Modification Notes

c) Page Names

d) Domain Registration Information

3) Work with client to collect site content, photos, and other relevant materials
4) Gather all required information from client and submit order to Corporate Office.

5) Work on behalf of clients with Gogiro corporate on approvals, changes, etc..


1) Basic Customer Info
2) Template ID
Template Modifications
4) Site Content
5) Photos / logo
6) Page Names

7) Domain Name
8) Questionnaire 

*The minimum requirements for Gogiro to post a website online is customer info, template id, page names, and the domain name. Cases like this may occur where client wants site up with no info, or coming soon, or will enter content on their own.




1) Confirm with client the Website PRO package. Mention SEO and Traffic Builder tools
2) Region gathers basic information, same as today, and fills out Website Questionnaire and sends in with order
3) Before you do too much work in deciding pages / content, etc.. create the order, and email in to production what you have - production@gogiro.com, with order # in heading.
4) Phone Call – Project Manager will review questionnaire, order material and will setup a time with you for a phone call to discuss the project. On a case-by-case basis, a short call with the client themselves might be required to confirm any ideas, questions, etc..
5) Project Manager will confirm site map, template design, and web apps functionality with Region / Client
6) Production team will build out order. Might be some basic back and forth regarding photos, content, etc.. with the region/client directly on any info / suggestions, etc..  NOTE: **Gogiro is building software that will enable this stage, w/ direct client communication**
7) When the site proof is 100% ready, production will send to region/client for review    NOTE: **We’re building software that will enable this stage, w/ direct client communication**
8) Project Manager will coordinate between Region / production on any revisions or follow on work NOTE: Only 2 sets of revisions included, extras billed at hourly rate


NOTE: Please send all website related emails to production@gogiro.com with the order number, as this email will be used for all production related stuff.

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