1) Confirm with client the Website PRO package. Mention SEO and Traffic Builder tools

2) Region gathers basic information from client, and fills out Website Questionnaire and sends in with order

3) Create a folder in your Dropbox for the client, use order number and client domain as the folder name, ex. 1045 bobsplumbing. Use this as an easy way to transfer files to production.

4) Phone Call – Creative Director will review the questionnaire, order material and will setup a time with you for a phone call to discuss the project. On a case-by-case basis, a short call with the client themselves might be required to confirm any ideas, questions, etc..

5) Creative Director will confirm with you the site map, template design options, and any web apps functionality that could be useful for the client

6) You can go back to the client with the proposed course of action, make any corrections, and gather any content the client has that may be suitable (add content to your dropbox folder).

7) When everything is ready to go, make sure you let the Creative Director know when to proceed, and of any changes to the original plan.

8) Production team will build out order, and Creative Director will send you the first proof of the website. IF YOU would like to have editing capabilities at this point, please request that directly.

9) Before presenting to the client, make sure you are happy with what you see. You may need to gather some additional information or photos, and it is recommended you do that prior to showing an incomplete proof.

10) When the site proof is 100% ready, send to the client for review.

11) Creative Director will coordinate between Region / production on any revisions or follow on work NOTE: Only 2 sets of revisions included, extras are billed at an hourly rate.


NOTE: Please send all website related emails to with the order number, as this email will be used for all production related stuff.