Qualify The Prospect
• Discover specific needs of client
• Timelines for making decisions

Ask Questions
• Broad & general, open ended questions to assess needs

Present the Sale
• Product or service benefits, linked to customer’s needs
• Involve customer

Handle Objections
• Question objection to find out specifics
• Restate objection in own words, and then answer

Close the Sale
• Ask for the sale
• Customer summarizes the next step
• Suggest solutions for possible problems and roadblock

After Sale
• Send a Thank You for the sale or meeting
• Ask for referral
• Maintain communications


Closing / upselling


Show The Value Our Products

Competing Types of Marketing:

  • Classified Ads
  • Flyers
  • Yellowpages
  • Telemarketing

What are they spending on this type of marketing?

What are they getting for their marketing dollars?

What is their budget?

How many leads are they generating this way?

How their marketing $$$ are best spent:

  1. 1.       A Sign outside their door
  2. 2.       The Internet: very cheap and it’s where people are looking

The value is there!

One customer asked: How much visibility can I get on the Internet with my website spending $50 a month??

Answer: More than you can anywhere else!

A single classified ad can cost $50 for a day.

How much traffic do they want?

Depending on how competitive their industry is, we have an average 30-60 visitors a month with Traffic Builder


 Overcoming Objections

People don’t know what to put into their site and how to manage it.  They have options for content:

  1. They can send it to us themselves.
  2. Magnolia content services for 3 or 5 pages.

They see a web presence as something they have to keep up to date. They see it as another task.  Offer to do any updates for them once a month, and charge them for it. $50 hr. Pics, text, etc, you can find under Control Panel.

Monthly fee.  They can pay up front for 6 months or 12 months. That would make it easier. Sell them on the value of what they get for their monthly fee: local service.

Have been burned by another company trying to sell them a website before.   Need to build trust with them, visit in person.


Customer maintenance