Tools For Lead Generation


Local Marketing Initiatives that Gogiro can help with:

  • Mail-Outs: letters, coupons, post cards. Marketing PDFs
  • Billboards
  • Faxing


Other Types of Lead Generating:

  • Referrals- Incentive Program for Referrals
    • Hire a Telemarketing Company to generate leads
    • Craigslist- place an ad
    • Go Door-to-door, businesses
    • Put specials on your Gogiro site


LISTS: call, mail, fax
  • City Hall- Business License Dept- new business;

companies/individuals that just took out a new business

license that month- they can email it to you monthly

Companies, monthly, in the US only

  • Trades Lists, Local Associations, Organizations, Memberships
  • Chamber of Commerce


Online Sites:


Contacts for Referrals:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Print / Copy Shops


KEEPING TRACK: Maximizer is a valuable tool for managing Prospects & Opportunities.


Telemarketing Phone Script

Hello, could I please speak to the manager or person in charge of sales.


Hello, I’m calling from Gogiro Internet Group. I’m trying to find your website.

IF they don’t have a website yet:

You don’t have one yet? Are you a new company?  Are you still just thinking of getting on the internet?  We can help, our specialty is getting businesses online and establishing internet marketing programs for them to grow there business. We can get you professional website for a very reasonable price.

We also have an add-on Google advertising package that will guarantee you to come up in Google when someone searches for (INDUSTRY eg.Landscaping) businesses.


Would you in charge of this?


Great, let me let me get your email and best time to contact you and I’ll send you some templates you can choose from. What is your email?


IF they ask: What is the cost?: There is a one-time $250 setup fee and then its only $25 a month after that, no contracts, month-to-month. What is your email address?


Additional questions and demeanor:

Are you using the internet now to generate new business?

Find out their needs and problems. Offer Solutions.

We have your Web Solutions.

Advice for them. We are working with their business.

Service. Solutions. Rapport.

Become someone they know and trust. Take care of them.





  • Showcase your company
  • Potential new customers can find your business
  • Get new customers
  • Get referrals
  • Get email
  • Send Newsletters
  • Show specials
  • Schedule appointments




  • $250 setup fee + $25 /m, no hidden fees
  • Once built, can edit the content any time by logging in
  • Includes all domain name, hosting, and website costs
  • Includes spam filter
  • Get Online immediately
  • Month-to-month, no contracts, pay-as-you-go


-  – - – - – - – - – - – - – - –


IF they have a website:

IF you couldn’t find it– I couldn’t find it, what is your website address?

How much new business are you getting now from your website?

What kind of marketing are you doing now?

Are you using the Internet to grow your business?

How can I help you bring more customers to you through your website?

We’re here to serve you…


I did a quick Analysis on your website, and how you are coming up in Online searches. Can I send you a free report?

What is your email?


Benefits and Features of SEO and SEM


  • Come up on the first page, come up higher
  • We help you get on Google Map
  • Drive qualified leads to your site



  • We do the Research
  • We identify what people are searching for
  • You can check Online stats 24 hrs a day
  • We can run multiple campaigns
  • Google/Yahoo/Bing ads




Affiliates General Overview


Referral Affiliates

  • High demanded eBusiness products
  • Upfront and residual commissions
  • Online account management
  • Regional marketing support
  • Can setup clients and place orders
  • Clients  will be billed directly by Gogiro RCC
  • Gogiro RCC will pay a commission to referral affiliate
  • Commission amounts are custom set by RCC
  • Your affiliate, your responsibility to pay Affiliate.
  • Your responsibility to inform and collect fees from other RCC’s.
  • If other RCC’s elects to not accept sale, you can have sale.
  • Gogiro and Gogiro RCC Association to mitigate any issues or complaints about underpricing other RCC’s


Web Optimization Interview

To:          Pat Genovese, ROI

From:    Gerri Knilans and Alice Shepherd

Re:         Interview Questions for the Construction Today Column 2 2011

WEB Optimization for the Construction Industry

Date:     December 3, 2010



  1. 1.       What does WEB optimization mean?

Web optimization or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “organic” or un-paid search results. Other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) target paid listings. In general, the higher on the page, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. This gives a website web presence.


  1. 2.       Why is WEB optimization an important and necessary strategy?

The trends are clear, people are increasingly using the internet to find products and suppliers, yet only half of North American businesses have a web presence.  These days, putting a website online alone is not enough.  If your website cannot be found online, it is not doing any value to your company.


  1. 3.       What mistakes do construction companies make that prevent them from being successful in optimizing their WEB presence?

Many construction companies do not even optimize their websites, and the ones that do usually try to cover too much ground.  Rather than loosely trying to be too broad or general you’re your optimization, it is much more beneficial to narrow down your site to only a few key searches that you would like to show up in.  Relevancy to the search term is the key of having your site come to the top.


  1. 4.       How do search engines work? Why is this information necessary?

There are many degrees of how well a site can be optimization, but the tactics all start with proper research. Research identifies what people are searching for relative to your market and how strong the competition is that currently comes up for those searches.  This will ultimately help you decide on which phrases you want ‘to target’ for your website to come up in.  Your website is then optimized in such a way where the search engines understand where to list your business.  What you are targeting must be relevant to the page content, and the site itself for best results.

  1. 5.       Who should inexperienced individuals and companies turn to in order to help them optimize their WEB presence?


Gogiro Internet Group ( provides affordable search engine marketing packages, with the professional service and support of a local office.  Our local representatives will help you identify key search phrases to target, develop an online marketing plan to meet your budget / performance goals, and quickly execute the entire process. Results can be monitored through an online login.



  1. 6.       What research is necessary to gather information regarding WEB optimization?


Gogiro does all the research on your behalf.  Gogiro will find out about your business, what you offer, what makes you unique, and how far your market extends.  It is important that you already have a website, but if you don’t Gogiro can help you get setup for an affordable pay-as-you-go rate.


  1. 7.       How can companies test, evaluate and refine their WEB presence?


Search engine optimization takes time.  There is a roughly 3 month waiting period before brand new websites will show up high in major search engines.  A company owner / manager should keep track of their website statistics, and their position in the search rankings. They should ask new customers ‘where did you find us’ and they should list their company in any relevant internet directory they find.


  1. 8.       Who are early adopters of these principles?

A lot of industry directories have adopted SEO tactics as a means to increase their search engine traffic.  This traffic ultimately converts into money for their website usually through a higher demand for paid listings and from advertiser revenues.

  1. 9.       If you were standing on a soap-box, what information do you really want readers to take away from this article?

If you need help with your Web marketing strategy, call your local Gogiro office.

  1. 10.   What information in this article will be innovative and/or controversial?

The application of proper research to the entire process, better results come with targeting fewer terms, and in a competitive environment optimization alone is sometimes not enough (see below – ie. Directory submissions, social bookmarking, and article submissions)

  1. 11.   What other messages would you like to communicate in the development of this article?

Optimization is only 1 of the things that search engines look at when ranking a website.  In a competitive environment other measures are required.  This could include narrowing down your geographic market, and including directory submissions, social bookmarking, and article submissions to the strategy.  When your company / website is listed in these other relevant places on the internet, a search engine takes note and will position you higher than competitors who are also optimized, but do not have this presence.