Important Client Provisioning Considerations:

Create Customer and Order in Gogiro Management System ahead of time
Login to Gogio Management system and start building the order. This step will help you keep organized and have all your clients order info at your fingertips.
IMPORTANT – only SAVE the order at this point, and add items as you collect them from the customer. When you are ready, then you can SUBMIT the order to production.

Sell the entire solution – Talk about extra services & products that may be suitable
Talk about the extra stuff they would like; traffic builders, seo, photo gallery / plugins, etc.. Do not need to sell them yet, but put the ideas in their mind so they can start thinking about it.

Collect Billing Info Upfront
At this point we highly recommend to have the client pay for all set-up charges (deposit). For platform fee, if paying by cheque, consider billing 6 months or 12 months upfront. You can consider offering a free month if they pay for one year up front, eg $275 instead of $300 if paying by cheque or credit card.

Completed Website Built
When website is completed, and approved by you, production will send you login information to access editors, emails, etc.. The finalized website is uploaded to ‘live’ server, order status marked ‘active’, and Web App’s access granted.

If customer has an existing Domain name, or is replacing their old site with this new Gogiro site, client will need to login and change their DNS Settings to:

Primary Name Server:
Secondary Name Server:

Customers existing Email accounts:
If the client has an existing domain and website and are having Gogiro make a new website, please ensure the clients emails are considered:
- Ensure clients emails accounts are setup in the new Gogiro cPanel prior to transferring their DNS settings to Gogiro
- If client has existing emails on their ‘old’ website server, any emails that are not downloaded into Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or similar (ie. Webmail) will be lost upon transferring to the new Gogiro website server. Please have clients setup their emails in Outlook to avoid this.
- If you have access to clients old mail server, prior to switching domain to new Gogiro server, please forward all clients emails to a third party email address