Visitors Wanted-Get Your Business Found on the Internet by Thomas Beyer

Inbusiness Magazine, Phoenix, Arizona November 2013 Edition……Last month, we discussed how to design a website to support your sales process. Now that you’ve created a sales-oriented site, it’s time to make sure you get found by your prospects. More than 85 percent of “clicks” go to the highest-ranking websites. The key search engine ranking components are………click on the link to read the full article http://inbusinessmag.com/how-to/visitors-wanted-get-website-found-internet#.UnljMflOOSp

Product Listing Ads have 21% Higher Click Through Rates than Text Ads

Marin Software reports that, Google’s Product Listing Ads have a 21% higher click-through rates in the paid search results than the standard text ads, since November 2012.

Apparently shoppers find specific product are more relevant to their product searches versus text ads.

As continuing proof of the ongoing shift to search shopping In the month of June and July, specific product searches had 21percent higher click-through rate (and subsequently conversions) than straight text ads. By July 2013, click-through rates had increased 19 percent year over year. It has been increasing each month since February.

Conclusion- Search shoppers are become more targeted in their efforts.  The shop for the specific product/service they need now!


6 Primary Components of a Successful Online Marketing Stragey

If you want to sell online- these are your primary components to achieve your strategy.  There are other considerations, but initially you’ll want to integrate these 6 items.

1.) Website

2.) SEO

3.) Contact Management (CRM)

4.) Email Marketing

5.) Social Marketing

6.) Traffic Building


Is Your Website Designed to Generate Leads?

If you want you website to generate sales leads, then make sure it was designed with you sales cycle in mind.  If the flow of your site follows the natural flow of your sales cycle you’ll shorten the buying process and make more sales.