Is your Website a Marketing Tool?

Google says that 97% of goods and services purchases are decided with some form of online search involved in the process.  They also contend that only about 45% of small businesses in the USA have websites.  So I’ll ask the question again  ”Is your website a marketing tool?”  

Clearly, if you have a website, you are in far better position than if you are one of the 55% of businesses that do not have a website.  However, just having a website may not be enough.  Make sure that the information on it is updated, tells the viewer what you do in a maximum of 5 seconds and has an easy navigation system.  In addition, insure that your site is properly optimized to the current search engine “rules” (Google changed their “rules’ twice last year) at a minimum and if you really want to get this website working for you, “prime the SEO pump” by using social media to generate a “buzz” about your business.

For those of you that do not have a website, re-read all of the above and get help getting online.  A website, properly optimized, linked to social media does not have to cost the proverbial “arm and a leg”.  Being social on social media is FREE advertising if your willing to put just a little time into it daily and if Google is even partially correct, not having a website is costing your business way more than the cost of building the online marketing system I just described.

Without a doubt, your website is an excellent marketing tool if positioned properly and it can provide your business some very cost effective exposure.   If you have a website, make sure you learn to maximize it’s use.  If you don’t have one, don’t be left out–get one, online marketing is here to stay!

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