What does the future hold for video game consoles?

When Microsoft released the Xbox 360, it changed the gaming world forever. It’s been seven years since the computer giant laid claim to the gaming throne, and folks are on the edge of their seats waiting for the sequel to its industry-defining console. However, one question remains: how will Microsoft’s next-generation platform adapt to the current technology market?

Nowadays, technology is all about diversity. For instance, we don’t just use cell phones to make calls. We also use them to text, browse the internet, and manage our calendars. Video game consoles have gone in a similar direction – Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE service allows subscribers to play games online, but it gives them access to plenty of other features as well. They can watch movies on Netflix, catch up with friends on Facebook, or download exclusive content for their favorite games. As a result, Microsoft has expanded its customer base, and the Xbox has become a convenient all-purpose media device.

Video game console appeal has grown considerably in the last several years; however, according to The Guardian, the ubiquity of tablets and smartphones presents a challenge for the next generation. “These devices offer cheap, convenient gaming experiences to a new demographic of players who do not necessarily want to pay [$60] for a game and then sit in front of their TVs for hours to play it,” writer Keith Stuart says.

Would you pay hundreds of dollars for a dedicated gaming device? You certainly could, but if you’re lying in bed with your iPad, you might not want to go into the living room, turn on your console, and wait for it to load. Instead, you might want to stay where you are and have a quick and fun gaming experience before you go to sleep. Additionally, many of the features offered by online gaming services, such as Netflix and Facebook, are already at your fingertips, so you wouldn’t have much to gain by leaving the bedroom.

Technology is a never-ending race, and it’s fun watching the participants run. What will Microsoft do to top its competitors in the tablet and smartphone market? Time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: it has to be something extraordinary.

Image source: GizMag.com


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