A useful analogy for budding copywriters

Not to be confused with the legal process by which people claim ownership for creative works, copywriting is the art of crafting content to drive sales. Good copywriters truly can make the numbers go up; however, not all of them realize the immense power they have. To reach one’s full potential as a copywriter, one should understand what makes content truly effective. The short answer is creativity.

To some writers, this notion is rather obvious; to others, it could be a completely foreign concept. Let’s start from the beginning. Businesses offer products in hopes that consumers will buy them. Therefore, as a business, it’s important to demonstrate your product’s value. By doing so, you persuade your customers to select your brand over others. However, sales aren’t made through fact sheets and statistics – they happen through conversation.

To understand this premise, think about the last conversation you had. Did you enjoy it? If so, it’s probably because your partner in conversation had some personality. An engaging personality engages you – it makes you want to speak to that person more often and eventually develop a long-term relationship with him or her.

Now, let’s apply this concept to product sales. Why did you switch to State Farm Insurance recently? Sure, you probably appreciated the quality of their service, but their ads might have sold you even more. Remember that funny commercial with the “French” model? It had personality, and it made you think that you could trust this company with your car insurance. Suddenly, you wanted to know more about what State Farm could offer, and soon enough, you’d entered into a long-term relationship with them.

As a copywriter, creativity is your most powerful weapon. Instead of simply providing product information, try using colorful language to highlight each product’s unique features. Selling is all about attitude, and with a little bit of personality in your content, your conversion rate will rise.

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