Social Media

Social Media Posting Tips for your Business

Posting social media on behalf of your business is quite different than activities found on personal sites.  If you want to engage your audience there is a different set of rules. Website Magazine has created a little checklist of sixteen social media posting tips.  You can view them here.

Every week a new social media platform tests the market.  Each day, hundreds of millions of posts make it through every one of the mainstream platforms.  So, how do you get noticed?  How should you engage your customer.  Care should be taken to craft your strategy to align with your industry and customer.  What works for the entertainment industry, may not necessarily work for a financial planner.

Just like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – what happens at the family picnic stays on the personal social media account.  Some of your customers might think your posts are funny, but what impact to they have on your company’s brand image?

Whether your read the included link on Posting Tips or not, take the time to develop an approach that takes into account the timing, channels, message, and desired interaction for your business social media activities.

Gogiro can help you develop a social media strategy tailored for your business.  Contact me (Ron Woodbury) at (951) 505-2299 for a free consultation today.  We will help you find a cost effective, simple solution to manage this very important aspect of your marketing strategy.



By Ron Woodbury