Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We help your business get found online through expert search trend analysis and building relevance and credibility around targeted search topics.

The result is a higher ranked website, and more relevant prospects finding your business. Gogiro follows best practice website SEO implementation, site optimization, and web-based article writing / submissions while working with the major data aggregators to feed your business information into over 100 local directories and portals – the same ones that Google, Bing, Apple Maps use to retrieve verified business information.

For budgets starting at:
$997 /month

Research Search Traffic & Competition

Website SEO & Speed Optimization

Customer Review Monitoring

Content Marketing & Online Distribution

  • Noticeable growth in relevant, highly targeted traffic to your website through search engine and referrals
  • Monthly KPI reporting with up to 2 personal consultations per month; traffic generated, user engagement, search rankings
  • We research keyword search trends and run competitive intelligence reports to identify high profile search phrases to target
  • We completely optimize your site, including speed optimization, mobile enhancements, basic error fixing, and lead conversion tactics
  • We verify your business listings across 40+ major directories and portals, with manual optimization of Google Places and Yelp
  • We implement a strategy to increase customer reviews, helping potential buyers gain confidence
  • We create and distribute online Press Releases, blog articles or videos designed for strategic content linking (max. 1 per month)
  • We will optimize and upload any existing content or video’s to result in better positioning and ranking
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it usually take to start seeing more visitors?

Generally speaking, you should start seeing improved results within 1 month of starting our service. There is a long checklist of items we go through that will immediately impact the performance of your website. When we target a new search term to come up high for, generally websites that have been around for a long time, and known to have good authority on their subject matter (we can test that for you), will help to make sure new content comes up in search quicker. If you have a new website, we help you build your authority in a particular subject matter that will stay with your site long term.

How do you help our website gain rankings?

There is no magic or tricks involved with what we are doing for you. We simply ensure your website has the best chances to succeed in being found through search. To achieve a prominent position, we implement many techniques, such as the following:

  1. Understanding search trends and patterns to do with your business and industry
  2. Ensure your offer is clearly communicated, and aligned to what people are looking for
  3. Making sure your website performs above industry standards for speed, errors, syntax, mobile responsiveness and so on.
  4. Ensuring your business listings online are all accurate, verified, and synchronized with the major data aggregators used by Google, Apple and Bing
  5. We help your business to become recognized online as an authority in your industry through creating unique, valuable content that is distributed online.
  6. We monitor stats and compare performance against competition, enabling better decisions to gain a strategic share of traffic / prospects
How do video’s help with my rankings?

Youtube is one of the highest traffic sites in the world, and relevant videos will come up on both Google and Youtube searches, whereas websites only come up on Google. It is very easy these days to create a quick video using your smart phone. Gogiro can take your clips and edit them into something that can be used online. If you are able to share some tips or answer common questions through a video, this information is valuable to people searching online. Gogiro takes that video and optimize it in a way to be found. If you have lots of video content today, contact Gogiro to help you make the best use of it.

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