Business Central Hosting

Website hosting supported by Gogiro, including access to Business Central featuring a contact manager, billing tool, apps dashboard, website access control and access to website statistics.

  • Includes 5 email accounts
  • 5GB space and 5GB bandwidth included (additional space available)
  • Managed hosting server on Gogiro’s cloud infrastructure
  • Site backups, firewall and real-time malware scanning
  • Access to Business Central login area; stats, contact manager, billing tool

Transfer your WordPress or HTML site to Gogiro and get 6 months Free Business Central Hosting
$149 Transfer Fee USD*

*Some conditions apply, contact us for details.

Business Central Hosting Features

Hosting your business on Gogiro’s Business Central platform gives you access to Gogiro’s support team and digital marketing services.  The Business Central platform offers free tools for small businesses to manage a contact database, sales funnel, quotes and billing, and website statistics.

  • cPanel hosting account with 5gb space & bandwidth
  • 5 custom email boxes, unlimited forwarders
  • Contact Manager – basic CRM & lead management tool
  • Billing – basic quotes, invoicing & recurring bills using PayPal
  • Web Stats – reporting & website statistics module

Business Central hosting from:
$15 /month USD

Upgrade to +10 email accounts, +10 GB bandwidth and +10 GB disk space for +$10/m

Gold Maintenance Package Features

Maintaining a modern website can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With Gogiro’s Gold Maintenance Package, we take the technical and security challenges out of managing your website, security, backups and monthly updates so that you can focus on other business priorities.

  • Includes Business Central Hosting & upgrade package
  • Unlimited, on-demand updates & new pages
  • WordPress maintenance, including plugin & theme updates
  • W3C compliant code and error handling
  • Complete 360 degree security & hacker protection
  • Speed optimization, caching & global CDN

Website Gold Maintenance Package from:
$299 /month USD

Free Tools in the Business Central Platform

  • Contact management – Easily enter and manage contacts, leads and customers
  • Contact import – Import your list from excel or CSV files
  • Contact tracking – Tag, track and group contacts
  • Contact reminders – Keep notes and create follow-up reminders
  • Manage a basic sales funnel
  • Forecast potential revenues
  • Link to quotes
  • A questionnaire filled out about your business, done with a Gogiro representative
  • A budget and credit card for direct pay-per-click advertising costs
  • A special deal or offer that provides incentive for prospects to act

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retargeting or a remarketing campaign?

For anyone who visits your website, ads will continue to show to them (and only them) for the next 30 days. Ads will show using Google’s banner ad network, or Facebooks. Remarketing targets people who have shown interest in your business already and is a proven method of increasing campaign ROI.

How does the Lead Generation Funnel work?

Gogiro manages your pay-per-click advertising budget and helps you achieve higher ROI. We create a lead conversion landing page and implement multi-variant A/B testing for continuous improvement. Your advertising and website traffic is funneled to this lead generation page and results are reported to you.

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