Managed WordPress Website

– from $50 /m plus transfer or new build fee
– includes 99.999% uptime cloud hosting, SSL, CDN
– 12 annual site updates, unlimited plan available
– monthly or annual billing

Who has time to upkeep a website when running a business?

There are many aspects that can affect your website’s performance; it can be as small as a software update or as complex as a server side issue. We are here to help business owners save time and money when it comes to maintaining their website. Whether you are updating business information or adding new content to your site, let us know and we will do the rest!

Typical types of website updates might include:

Adding new content
(images, video, new pages, etc).

Designing visual elements
(need a new banner image, a new button, promo graphic, etc).

Technical assistance
(you need help doing something yourself on the website).

Technical updates (ad-hoc WordPress version or plugins

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Should Always Use the Latest Version of WordPress

1. Security

Security is arguably the most important reason why you should keep your WordPress website up to date.

2. Cool New Features

Each major WordPress release comes with new features and changes to the software. For example, WordPress 4.0 came with improved plugin install experience, 4.1 introduced inline image editing, and 4.2 came with faster plugin updates.

3. Speed

WordPress developers are always trying to make things faster. Each new release comes with several performance improvements that makes WordPress run faster and more efficient.

4. Compatibility (or NOT)

Often plugin and theme developers coordinate their updates with major WordPress releases to ensure they’re taking advantage of newly available features and enhancements.

Why update WordPress, plugins, and themes?

Increase security

Updates to WordPress plugins, and themes often increase security by patching vulnerabilities and strengthening against attacks. To reduce the risk of your site being hacked or compromised in some other way, update!

Fix bugs

Updates to WordPress core, plugins, and themes often fix bugs that were discovered in previous versions. To get the fixed version, update!

Add features and functionality

Updates to WordPress plugins, and themes often add new features and functionality. To take advantage of them, update!

What is a responsive WordPress theme?
A responsive WordPress theme smoothly adjusts its layout based on the screen size and resolution. Responsive themes offer better readability and usability on smaller screens such as smart phones. It also prevents you from creating a device specific mobile version.

Affordable Website Development

Gogiro can design and develop an efficient mobile friendly website for your business.
Having a modern website will show your visitors that you are current and up to date with today’s web trends.

  • WordPress CMS Development
  • Branding and Template design
  • Plugin Installation and Configurations
  • Free SSL

Website Features

We specialize in a mobile first design methods meaning that your site will be visually appealing and very functional on all devices that your visitors want.

Mobile Friendly

Customized Design
& Branding


Contact forms
& maps

Featured Sites

Moore Catholic
Drive Hockey
Supersoil - Gogiro Client

Managed Ecommerce

– New store builds, store migrations
– Sales automation and optimization
– Newsletter & plugin integrations
– Organic and PPC marketing services
– WooCommerce or Shopify

Unlimited products

Unlimited bandwidth
and online storage

Shopify point of sale

Online sales channels

WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system there is. And for good reason. WordPress is exceptionally easy-to-use and easy-to-customize to your exact liking, but also has advanced capabilities with over 20,000 plugins to compose any sort of functionality.

Here are some factors we take into careful consideration before we conceptualize the design of your site.

  • Any current branding you already have. We want the website to be consistent with the brand you’ve already established.  If you’re a new business or going through rebranding, we also have a lot of experience developing new brand identities, including logos, taglines, and all the rest.
  • Competitive research.  We want to see what your competitors are doing – not because we want to copy them, but because we need to know how to make you stand out and be better.
  • Your target market. Of course, we refer back to your project’s strategy to see who it is we want to appeal to. This will influence many of our design decisions.
  • A questionnaire filled out about your business, done with a Gogiro representative
  • Web site page content, and images that represent your company

Need to move your current website? We provide fast and Secure Web Hosting Services

All of our web site hosting packages include:

  • cPanel administration
  • Virus/Spam scanning of all incoming email
  • 24 hour FTP access
  • Malware website scans
  • PHP5 capable
  • Daily and weekly website data backup (additional backup services available)
  • Softaculous App Manager
  • Detailed web stats

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile responsive design?
A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on. Typically there have been four general screen sizes that responsive design has been aimed at: the widescreen desktop monitor, the smaller desktop (or laptop), the tablet and the mobile phone.
What is WordPress?

WordPress is web publishing software you can use to create your own website or blog. Since it was released in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms. Today it powers nearly 30 percent of the entire web — from hobby blogs to some of the biggest news sites online.

What does Shopify do?

Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders.

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