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Clients have been requesting for another option to the Gogiro Traffic Builder. Whereas the Traffic Builder uses separate landing-sites for quantified SEM lead generation, customers wanted an option to optimize and submit their main websites so that it may show up for future searches. Much of the same organic SEO techniques are shared by both product lines, but the SEO Packages have added features and depth. Product line does not have a re-occurring revenue stream – fees apply one time only.


SEO Submit SEO Boost SEO Pro
RETAIL $150 $250 $400
Gogiro Charge -$75 -$125 -$200
NET $75 $125 $200
-$25 -$25 -$50
NET $50 $100 $150


Add-on (Optional):



[list style="unordered" type="type10"] Gogiro DOES NOT GUARANTEE first page, or top place positioning, although this will be a result of a succesfully targeted and executed campaign after a few months time. Index page (home) must be optimized for greatest results. Text / titles must be modified in order for service to work effectively Client website MUST be a Gogiro built websitein html format, we cannot supply service for other type of websites. Completion time is roughly 7 days from all information received, 14 days for PRO due to Articles being written and submitted over a time span. [/list]


Research Top Queries – Regional Office will research which applicable search terms to target based on volume and competitiveness data. The more niche the targeted terms, the better the results. Maximum three targeted search terms per optimized page, recommend 1 primary and 2 secondary.

Optimize Page Content – Content is modified to help position pages to come up higher for targeted search phrases.

Meta Tags, Sitemap, Google Map Listing – Symantic Metatags will be on all main pages (up to 5), Sitemap created and uploaded, Google Map Listing will be submitted, must be verified by client.

Authentication – We manually authenticate and submit websites with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Search Engine Submissions – These are submissions to minor search engines, this only needs to be done once

Directory Submissions – These are important to create ‘Back Links’ to the clients website, which will help boost rankings.

Social Bookmarking – linking the website within various forums, blogs and message boards on social networking websites, blog sites and content centric sites.

Article Writing & PR Submissions – An article written (English) about the company (maximum 500 words), and posted on News websites. Press Release is optimized and is search engine friendly. Photo may be included as well. Gogiro will create article, client can supply if they wish.



1) Ensure clients website meets requirements (see IMPORTANT NOTES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS above)

2) Understand client’s business and market area and then perform research of
             a) high searched terms relative to the business, and
             b) competitive levels of high profile search terms

3) Determine best search terms to target. Choose 1 primary, and up to 2 secondary terms for each optimized page (depends on package selected)

Tip: A good place to start analysis of search terms is Google Keyword Tool External

4) Gather all required information from client and submit.



SEO Submit

1) Basic Customer Info
2) website address to optimize
3) Primary search phrase targeted

4) up to 2 secondary search Phrases targeted
5) phone number and email address to use for submissions


SEO Boost

All SEO Submit information, plus:
1) Second page name to optimize
2) Primary search phrase targeted

3) up to 2 secondary Search Phrases targeted



All above information, plus:
1) Second, and third page name to optimize
2) Primary search phrase targeted for each extra page

3) up to 2 secondary Search Phrases targeted for each extra page
4) Article for press release (500 words max). If none, Gogiro will create.
5) Picture for press release


SEO Information

Search Engine Optimization

74.1% of North Americans use the internet- an increase from 44% ten years ago.

Object of SEO: To increase a websites online visibility


SEO Benefits their main website. Long term benefits. SEO raises the online presence in Organic Searches; no paid ads.

It can take up to 3 months for their site to move up.

Done one time. One time fee. Your customer can also do it once a year if they are in a competitive industry; they would pay again for the service.

*** We can help then get on Google Map, [with SEO only, not with Traffic Builder].




How do you know if their site is optimized?

On the customer’s website, click Tools in your Browser, select Page Info. When the window opens: Look for Keywords. No Keywords signifies they are not optimized. Too may keywords can mean that they are over saturated, and improperly optimized.


What is the difference between Submit, Boost, and Pro?

1. Search Engine Submissions: submissions to minor search engines

2. Top Queries Researched: Regional Office will do the research based on volume and competitiveness data.

3. Optimized Page Content: content is modified to help position pages to come up higher for targeted search phrases.

4. Directory Submissions: [Back links to clients websites]. Eg. Industry Directories. Important when the customer is in an industry eg. Roofer; would come up on a Roofing Trades Directory.


[columns indent="25" bottom="25"] [column] [h4]Submit:[/h4] Search Engine Submissions: 25

Top Search Terms Targeted: 3

Optimized Page Content: Homepage Optimized

Directory Submissions: 0 [/column] [column] [h4]Boost:[/h4] Search Engine Submissions:25

Top Search Terms Targeted:6

Optimized Page Content: Homepage and 1 secondary page.

Directory Submissions: 100 [/column] [column] [h4]Pro:[/h4] Search Engine Submissions 200 Social Bookmark Submissions [Twitter Feeds and forum postings]:125

Article Writing and PR Submissions:200

Top Search Terms Targeted:9

Optimized Page Content: Homepage and 2 secondary pages.

Directory Submissions: 100 [/column] [/columns]


Which one should you recommend to your customer?

How competitive is their industry? Eg. Real Estate is very competitive. Suggest Boost or Pro.

Do they have more than 1 location/office/shop? Suggest Boost or Pro.

Are they reaching a Global Market? Suggest Pro.

Should their type of business come up in a directory? Suggest Boost or Pro.

Key Word Search:


What does Authenticated with Google mean?

We register the website with Google. It can take up to 3 months for Google to recognize what industry the website consists of and start to give it a more increased online presence.


Do we use black hat techniques?

No. Black Hat tactics such as Spam indexing, attempt to redirect search results to particular target pages in a way that is against the search engines’ terms of service. These black hat sites typically get banned either temporarily or permanently once search engines discover what they are doing. Black Hat tactics include: keyword stuffing, hidden text, and links, doorway and cloaked pages, link farming and blog comment spam.


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