Gogiro Acquires SAAS Newsletter System

 In 2010, Corporate News

(BURNABY, BC) May 11, 2010. Gogiro Internet Group, providing small businesses with a full suite of easy-to-use and results-focused eBusiness tools, has recently acquired the source code to an online newsletter system, adding to its SAAS line of eBusiness products. The newsletter will provide 4 tiers of service, including a FREE trial version which will be available following paid versions.
We are excited with this acquisition, says Executive Director, Mike Dahlstedt, the online newsletter system rounds out our product offering, giving small businesses a complete, and affordable eBusiness toolkit. Future plans include making all of our online tools accessable and manageable through cell phones, ipods, and blackberry apps
With 4 Canadian offices, Gogiro has recently expanded into the US with plans to open in excess of 60 regional offices throughout the US within the next 16 months. Gogiro is very uniquely positioned in that all service and support is provided locally to small business clients. View gogiro.com for information on regional investment opportunities.

About Gogiro Internet Group:
eBusiness made easy! Gogiro Internet Group provides small businesses a simple, and affordable solution to getting online and managing eBusiness activity. Our regional offices provide personal, live support and help business owners create a top-performing online marketing presence. Gogiro is the future of eBusiness, more information can be found at


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