Gogiro Social AutomatorTM

An active profile with new interesting posts auto-fed into your social media page

Key Features
• Connect up to 3 social media profiles from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+
• Social Automator can be setup to auto post into your wordpress blog for an additional fee
• We implement our Social Automator system to keep your profiles active and fresh with new content from industry sources

Get started for $99 /m
+ $99 one-time setup fee USD

Gogiro Social Automator TM

This is perfect for busy entrepreneurs who want their business to stay active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or with their own WordPress Blog. The service will compliment a business owners regular posts by auto-posting blogs, feeds or articles relevant to their industry or social voice. For a small fee, a business owners social profile is kept current and active without requiring to login day after day.

An active profile with new interesting posts auto-fed into your social media page

  • Your website and social media profile URL’s
  • We need you to fill out out onboarding form that gives us an understanding of your business
  • We need administrative access to the social media accounts we will auto-post into
  • We will work with you directly to get the above information

Get started with an Gogiro

Get started with our automated social posting service.
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