Managed Lead Generation

Latest digital marketing technology and tools managed by a team of experts, focused on delivering new inbound leads for your business.

  • Fully managed service to generate new business leads
  • Easily scale up your budget to grow your business
  • Research, campaign planning & execution by Gogiro
  • Get started with no contracts or long term commitments!

For budgets starting at:
$900 /month USD

A team of experts for less than a part-time wage!

The latest lead generation tools, managed by Gogiro

The easiest, most affordable method of getting consistent new business is by targeting the people who are already searching online for your services.  Gogiro researches and delivers a complete online lead generation strategy that focuses one of your key services or products.

Gogiro uses pay-per-click ads to funnel traffic into a specially designed landing page and tracks the number of phone calls or email inquiries.  Everything is planned and managed by our team of experts.  Your ad money is only spent on people actively searching for your services, and the number of leads generated is reported to you on a weekly basis.

New Qualified
Leads Generated

Call Tracking
& Recording

Landing Page

Expert Managed
PPC Advertising

Weekly Lead

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  • Scalable lead generation for your business through best practise pay-per-click advertising and landing pages
  • Monthly KPI reporting with up to 2 personal consultations per month; traffic generated, prospects, conversions (leads)
  • One month allocated to setting up the entire campaign
  • We research keyword searches and do competitive intelligence to identify which products and services will perform best online
  • We custom build specific landing page(s) to help convert web traffic to leads either through online inquiries or phone calls
  • We use result-oriented pay-per-click campaigns to ensure ROI.  These ads may show on Google, Facebook, YouTube or Bing for both desktop and mobile
  • We run A/B conversion testing on the landing pages to identify best messages for the landing pages, and make incremental improvements
  • We implement re-marketing campaigns, where we target advertise to the people who recently visited your website.
  • We setup automated reporting outlining ad views, page visitors, inquiries and phone calls
  • We can optionally setup call recording so you can review sales calls
  • A questionnaire filled out about your business, done with a Gogiro representative
  • A budget and credit card for direct pay-per-click advertising costs
  • A special deal or offer that provides incentive for prospects to act

Get started with an Online Lead Analysis (Free)

Report on estimated leads based on search analytics and a competitive review.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retargeting or a remarketing campaign?

For anyone who visits your website, ads will continue to show to them (and only them) for the next 30 days. Ads will show using Google’s banner ad network, or Facebooks. Remarketing targets people who have shown interest in your business already and is a proven method of increasing campaign ROI.

How does the Lead Generation Funnel work?

Gogiro manages your pay-per-click advertising budget and helps you achieve higher ROI. We create a lead conversion landing page and implement multi-variant A/B testing for continuous improvement. Your advertising and website traffic is funneled to this lead generation page and results are reported to you.

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